All In One
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All In One

Redefining The Future Of Learning

Our all in one integrated system combines an Interactive Whiteboard with Short Throw / Long Throw Projector that virtually eliminates shadows and glare. This system is having inbuilt Computer, Amplifier, Speakers, Keyboard with integrated Mouse tap and green board. This combination delivers a precise and intuitive touch experience along with stunning image quality and interactive widescreen surface for teaching and learning.

    • Made in India.
    • Works on optical sensing touch technologies.
    • Board is designed From seamless metallic frame with resin powder coated framing.
    • Boards are Scratch proof, fire proof, water proof and bacteria resistant.
    • Effective projector display (Long throw & Short throw).
    • Finger touch operation with multi touch Capability.
    • Inbuilt computer with 500 GB Hard disk and 2 GB RAM.
    • Integrated Speaker, woofer and document camera.
    • Green board is for writing with Chalk or marker(optional).
    • 1 Point Start button for Whole setup.
    • With using whiteboard software, Features are :- Can record you whole session in image, pdf or Video format, Auto math’s Images Recognition, library of more than 12000 images includes all subject, can annotate any format of file

At Alfa Infotec, we are the key manufacturer in India. All in One Interactive Whiteboard is based on highly sensitive & accurate optical sensing technology. Check out more key feature with downloading brochure below:

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